This section is still growing. We will continue updating it with additional resources and information as the project develops.

Articles and reports about fake news

Other initiatives

  • InVID “will build a platform providing services to detect, authenticate and check the reliability and accuracy of newsworthy video files and video content spread via social media.”
  • Are you Fake News? “uses natural language processing and neural networks to analyze patterns of bias on any news website in real time”.
  • The Duke Tech & Check Cooperative is a project to automate fact-checking.
  • Full Fact, “the UK’s independent factchecking charity”, is creating an automated fact-checking platform.
  • Factmata “uses artificial intelligence, communities, and expert knowledge to identify and classify problematic content.”

Academic papers

  • Lazer et al., “The science of fake news”.
  • Zannettou et al., “The Web of False Information: Rumors, Fake News, Hoaxes, Clickbait, and Various Other Shenanigans”.
  • Vosoughi et al., “The spread of true and false news online”.
  • Zhang et al., “A Structured Response to Misinformation: Defining and Annotating Credibility Indicators in News Articles”.