LiveTech is an ICT consulting company founded in 2014 born from the deep experience of his members within the ICT sector, with the goal to provide support within digital, mobile, big data. In particular the management of LiveTech is composes by a group of professional consultants with previous extensive experience in major consulting companies (IBM, CSC, Oracle and Telecom Italia). LiveTech main business is to support its customers to further develop and maintain their IT and application infrastructure.

LiveTech will contribute with software artefacts, methodologies and technical consultancy in the following areas:

  • News Sources Interoperability Module: using Connectò tool for discovering mapping between the news sources, creating a unified model to be ingested on the data lake and perform data cleaning and transformation
  • Advanced Analytics and Data Enrichment Module: NLP & Semantics and Machine Learning: unsupervised terminology and topic extraction, deep natural language understanding and classification models for fake news
  • Data Visualization and BI Module: creating rich dashboards based on the unified data lake model
  • Front-end service layer and News Alerting Module: development of rest service APIs and multichannel integration.

All these contribution are oriented to the development of novel types of recommendation engines that takes into account both consumer’s interests and social features that is constantly optimized by machine learning technologies.