Engineering is the leading Italian software and services group, with 8.000 employees and 40 branches in Italy, Europe, USA, South America. The Group carries out IT innovation, combining the potential of a full, integrated offer of Business Integration, Infrastructural Outsourcing and Cloud services (provided by 5 Data Centers), Consulting, customized proprietary solutions for vertical markets and technologically cross-market, such as geo-referencing and Open Source Business Intelligence solutions.

Engineering will take the following project management roles in FANDANGO:

  • General project coordinator, and leading all activity on project coordination and management;
  • Leading WP1 Management.
  • Leading WP5 on FANDANGO software stack.

With respect to pilot activities, Engineering will be involved across all application areas. It contributes to the pilots with its experience in bringing technologies to applications areas and to the market Further, Engineering has a strong involvement in the impact stream with contributions to all tasks.