Fundación Ciudadana Civio is a non-for-profit organization, specialized in data and investigative journalism and access to information. Civio’s main objective is to facilitate the access and interpretation of public information, as well as increasing citizens’ participation in public debate using a combination of technology and journalism, and always through the use of primary sources. Civio addresses fields such as public procurement, budgets and expenditure, governmental pardons, public-private power networks and conflicts of interests. Our targeted advocacy agenda allows us to raise these issues with decision-makers, completing the cycle for meaningful change.

Civio’s role on this project is to develop a pilot to fight public misconceptions, to stop the spread of fake news and to offer rigorous and verifiable information, allowing citizens to easily access the underlying facts, specifically on immigration.

Our Foundation will contribute with data gathering, integration, analysis, methodologies, and journalistic materials. The Fandango immigration pilot will:

  • Gather, standarise, integrate and make available reliable data, creating a factual repository that can be easily and quickly used to counter fake news on immigration. For the repository to be trusted, it’s essential that input sources are official ones, and that the aggregation process is transparent and respects the traceability of the information.
  • Analyze existing European opinion polls and barometers (e.g. Eurobarometer) to investigate how the population opinions and feelings match (or not) the actual facts. Do people perceive the immigration reality as it really is?
  • Combining both sources of data (factual reality and perception), the pilot will create journalistic materials to reach the largest possible population. In order to achieve this, articles will be published in multiple languages via associated media partners. They will include graphic and data visualizations showing, at a single glance, the gap between myths and reality, so that they can be easily viralisable on their own via social networks. Evidence-based memes against fake memes.

The pilot will be successful if it weakens and helps abolish prejudices (like the percentage of immigrants or Muslims in a certain country, and their relation with crime and unemployment) that threaten the construction of a free, equal, diverse and respect-based Europe.