Agenzia Ansa

Agenzia ANSA

ANSA is the leading Italian news agency and among the top news agencies worldwide. It is a cooperative owned by Italy’s major national newspapers. Its mission is to gather, publish, and distribute news items and every other related communication service in real time to the partners, to the civil service and to private companies. Founded on January 13, 1945, ANSA provides full and up-to-date coverage of Italian and foreign news thanks to newsrooms and correspondents in every one of Italy’s 20 regions and in more than 70 countries around the world.

User of the fandango platform. As media company and news agency, ANSA is deeply interested in Fandango platform, as a tool for the evaluation of its sources of information. It will act as the final user of the platform.

Provider of a flow of news items, ANSA will provide the consortium with its daily flow of news items (about 2,000 per day) in order to be processed and used as a source of information.

Platform Requirements identification. the experience of ANSA journalists will be taken into account in order to find out the right user requirements of Fandango Platform.

Test phase and validation, ANSA will contribute to test and validate the beta version of the Fandango platform from a professional point of view. Journalists will be involved in this activity in a real working set.

Dissemination of project’s results, ANSA will disseminate project’s result through its own channels, delivering information to media and citizens in Italy and abroad.