A summer in the fact-checking world

We haven't stopped learning during the summer. Here, we show you our latest discoveries and insights.

September 4, 2019

Summer has been hot and suffocating for some of Fandango’s partners, specially for the ones in Italy, Greece and Spain. However, we haven’t stopped learning. Here, we present our latest discoveries and insights.

Nem Summit

Fandango was presented at the Nem Summit on late May in Croatia under the session Trusting media: joint reflections from media industry. This panel aimed to hold a high-level discussion on impact of disinformation and effective strategies for tackling it.

Massimo Magaldi, from Engineering, was in charge of Fandango’s presentation and talked about the advanced analytics services developed by the project to fight misinformation. To do so, Fandango has a news disinformation detection and scoring, based on Big Data analysis techniques (Machine Learning models and Graph Analysis), and performs data investigation, through an interactive exploration of news, open data and verified claims databases.

If you wish to have detailed information about the processes behind these features, please access to the full presentation here.

Global Fact 6

We also attended the Global Fact 6 summit in Cape Town, South Africa, in mid June. Here, we learned about the latest fact-checking trends and got the chance to talk with professionals both from the media and the technological sector.

Find the video from the sessions here.

P.S. It is almost ten hours of video, but we promise you that listen to the conferences is worth the effort.