Fandango is presented at Ital-IA

The project was selected for showcasing under the topic "AI for media and entertainment".

June 3, 2019

Ital-IA was the first national conference in Italy about Artificial Intelligence and took place in Rome during 18th and 19th March. Fangango was one of the projects selected for showcasing under the title AI for media and entertainment.

Massimo Magaldi, from Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, was in charge of doing a brief introduction of the Fandango Project and explaining how it would use IA to tackle misinformation. In the presentation, Massimo showed how Fandango uses several IA modules to analyze and evaluate different parts of an online article (text, images/videos, author, source, metadata, etc.). This results in a group of indicators that show the probability of false, misleading or manipulated information.

The whole presentation, in Italian, is available for consultation in this link. Along with it, a paper (also in Italian) about Fandango is available in this link.