Talking about misinformation at the International Journalism Festival

Journalists' efforts to tackle disinformation was a key issue on many panels. Check out the ones we found interesting.

May 23, 2019

During the last months we have been listening and learning from professionals that are leading the way in the fact-checking sector. We were at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia (Italy), where the conversation about misinformation and the efforts from journalists to tackle this issue was the center of many panels. Here we have selected the ones we think are the most interesting:

Deepfakes, shallow fakes and real deal journalism

This panel included the experiences of Ed Bice, CEO at Meedan, Alba Mora, executive producer at AJ+ Español, Dan Schultz from Bad Idea Factory and Tom Trewinnard, director of programs at Meedan. Here are some of the notes we collected during the talk:

You can watch the whole panel in the following video:

Google News Initiative: digital newsgathering and verification

This panel is a masterclass of Michaela Cancela Kieffer from Google News Lab on detecting disinformation and fact-checking it. If you want to have a kick look at what she said, check our notes from the event:

The whole panel is in the following video:

Technology and automation in the fight against misinformation

To talk about automation in fact-checking there were Alexandre Alaphilippe, executive director of EU DisinfoLab; Hazel Baker, global head of UGC newsgathering at Reuters; Guido Buelow from strategic initiatives at EMEA Facebook; and Jochen Spangenberg, innovation manager at Deutsche Welle.

Check the whole disscusion in the following video:

Disinformation in covering migration

Such important issue, as it is disinformation in covering migration, was discussed by Joyce Barnathan, president of ICFJ; Joan Donovan, director at TSCRP Shorenstein Center; Abubakar Ibrahim, features editor at Daily Trust; and Jacopo Ottaviani, chief data officer at Code for Africa.

Check the whole panel:

Beyond fake news: what’s next for tackling online misinformation

James Ball, author of the book “Post-Truth: How Bullshit Conquered The World” gave a speech on what are the current trends and the next wave of disinformation. Our notes are the following: