Thinking ahead: What do journalists need to fact check news?

Collecting journalists expectations is a critical part of the Fandango technical development phase.

March 22, 2019

Knowing what journalists expect in their fight against misinformation and building a tool that meet their needs is key to the development part of the Fandango Project. To this end, the Fandango team has already collected and analysed the end user requirements needed to shape the service.

For this purpose, the team of Fandango has researched a few features like the users’ context (i.e. how a newsroom works, the importance of misinformation), the scope of the problem (i.e. what is misinformation, why is it difficult to detect or disprove) and the available tools (i.e. which other tools exist or are under development). They have also conducted a series of interviews with journalists from the three user partners of Fandango (Civio, ANSA and VRT) to understand their needs when it comes to misinformation and fact checking in a newsroom. The user requirements document details realistic scenarios where Fandango could help journalists assess the veracity of a diversity of content pieces.

Keeping in mind not only the needs of the journalists and their context but also the tools that are already in the market, the Fandango Project will address the emergence of misinformation by providing an online service.