Fandango project kick-off

February 28, 2018

On January 17th and 18th, the EC co-funded project Fandango had its kick-off meeting in Bruxelles, Belgium. Fandango will run for three years until December 2020.

Fandango consortium members came together for the first time at the VRT venue to plan subsequent steps and align individual tasks and approaches. All partners attended this first official consortium meeting.

During the kick-off meeting, we discused in detail the scope of the project, set the scene for partner cooperation, deliberated about the project use cases (including the relevant existing data sets and the expected features of the platform), the tasks and the deliverables assignment.

Fandango will concentrate on providing deep data integration activity to help users to assess the reliability of news content (text, photo or video). The project will rely on data integration, homogenisation and exchange in the news, facts and media domains. Our aim is to provide unified techniques, an integrated big data platform and a toolset that aid journalists, fact checkers, campaigners and the general public in verifying facts, accessing to trustworthy information and breaking information silos. We will pilot and validate its tools by applying them to three scenarios where misinformation is currently influencing perception with respect to social, political and economic actions: climate, immigration and European context.

From now on, we will use this space to keep you updated about project developments as well as interesting news, resources and events in the field of data integration, disinformation and news verification. Stay tuned!